Variations on Flour Water Salt Yeast 50% Whole Wheat

September 01 2019, Tags: Flax, Bread, Sesame, Whole wheat, Fwsy

A batch of Ken Forkish' 50% whole wheat bread with a yeasted pre-ferment from Flour Water Salt Yeast. Split in half for batch fermentation and added flax seeds and roasted sunflower seeds to one, and roasted sesames to the other.

Finished crumb


Made the pre-ferment before going to bed, around 00:30. Kitchen was at 23C.


Hydrated and proofed the yeast in the warm water for a few minutes, until I combined it all to a paste, added it to the pre-ferment and combined everything using the pincer method.

Split the dough in half. One was lightly worked and left to ferment.

Finished crumb

Added to the other half of the dough. Worked this one a little as well.

Finished crumb

Both doughs finished at the target temperature of 28C.

Bulk fermentation

Doughs fermented in a 24C kitchen for 3.5 hours, stretches every 15 or so minutes the first hour.


I formed loose rounds and let them rest for 20 minutes. I then gave them a stronger shape and left them on the counter to proof.

Finished crumb

The dough with seeds was coated with more unroasted sunflower seeds.

Finished crumb


Baked in an oval dutch oven with lid for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 20 minutes. All at 245C.

Both came out quite tasty, if somewhat lacking in oven spring. I might have overproofed them a tad.

Finished crumb