Flour Water Salt Yeast 50% Whole Wheat

August 31 2019, Tags: Bread, Sesame, Whole wheat, Fwsy

Another batch of Ken Forkish' 50% whole wheat bread with a yeasted pre-ferment from Flour Water Salt Yeast. Added some sesames to half the dough.

Finished crumb


Made the pre-ferment in the morning. I doubled the yeast, as I didn't have time to let it go for 12 hours.

Combined and let rest in room temperature ~24C, quite humid.


Hydrated and proofed the yeast in the warm water for a few minutes, until I combined it all to a paste, added it to the pre-ferment and combined everything using the pincer method.

Gave the dough some stretches to develop it a little, and finished the mix with the dough at the target temperature of 28C.

Dough temperature

Bulk fermentation

After 15 minutes I split the dough into two tubs, and added 60 grams of toasted sesame seeds to one. Did 4 folds at 15 minute intervals. Bulk fermentation lasted for 3.5 hours in a 24C kitchen.

Sesame dough fermenting


I formed loose rounds and let them rest for 20 minutes. Then shaped rough batards, and transferred to appropriate baskets. One went into the refrigerator, and the other sat on the counter in a 24C kitchen for close to 60 minutes.


Baked in an oval dutch oven with lid for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 20 minutes. All at 245C. Immediately after pulling the first loaf, I baked the second one from the fridge.

I sliced the first one, which only helped it ooze a little on the side, so decided against doing the same with the next. It was probably a mistake, because the second loaf had slightly poorer lift.

Finished crumb