Flour Water Salt Yeast 50% Whole Wheat

August 24 2019, Tags: Bread, Whole wheat, Fwsy

One of mye absolute favorite breads is Ken Forkish' 50% whole wheat bread with a yeasted pre-ferment from Flour Water Salt Yeast.

Finished crumb


Made at 00:30 before going to bed:

Combined and let rest in room temperature ~22C.


Dough before combining

Hydrated and proofed the yeast in the warm water for a few minutes, until I combined it all to a paste, added it to the pre-ferment and combined everything using the pincer method.

Dough ready for bulk fermentation

Gave the dough some stretches to develop it a little, and finished the mix with the dough at the target temperature of 28C.

Dough temperature

Bulk fermentation

Bulk fermentation lasted for 4 hours in a 25C kitchen - pushing it. Stretches and folds every 15 minutes, starting 30 minutes in. 4 in total.

Dough fermenting


The dough was at its very peak, threatening to collapse as I pulled it out to the table. Split in half, formed loose rounds and let rest 15 minutes. Then shaped rough batards, and transferred to appropriate baskets. Because I don't have a big enough oven to fit two oval cast irons, I can only bake one elongated bread at a time. So I transferred one basket to the refrigerator immediately.

Dough proof

The second loaf went for 50 minutes in a 25C kitchen.


Baked in an oval dutch oven with lid for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 15 minutes. All at 245C. Immediately after pulling the first loaf, I baked the second one from the fridge. It was a tinge over-proofed, but came out very nice all the same.

Baked loaf