Tartine Country Bread with Butter and Poppy Seeds

August 18 2019, Tags: Butter, Sourdough, Bread, Tartine country bread, Poppy seeds

After yesterday's failed attempt at a white bread with poppy seeds, I decided to try again, reducing the difficult ingredients.

Finished loaf


Autolyse sat in room temperature overnight.


Starter is active and on a twice-a-day feeding schedule. I built a white levain for the bread:


I mixed the dough in the morning, the levain was at peak activity, 10 hours in.

This time I left out the milk powder, and added the (reduced amount of) soft butter in the original mix.

Bulk fermentation

Turns every 30 minutes the first two hours. Let bulk ferment for a little over six hours. Dough never developed any significant strength, so I definitely need to figure out a better way of incorporating the butter.


I pre-shaped into rounds, and at this stage I finally found the dough to have a little tension. Shaped into boules and dunked them in poppy seeds after a 15 minute bench rest.


Baked after 2.5 hours of proofing. Not much volume gained, but a little. Breads had decent oven spring. They came out far from the ideal, but at least they'll be edible.