Tartine Country Bread with Flax and Sunflower Seeds

August 17 2019, Tags: Flax, Sunflower, Sourdough, Bread, Tartine country bread

My kids' favorite bread is a sunflower seed and flax seed bread from Hamelman's Bread. This is an attempt at creating a similar style of bread, using the Tartine Country Bread as a base.

Finished bread


Autolysed in 21C ambient temps for about two hours.


Starter is active and on a twice-a-day feeding schedule. I built the levain at 23:30 last night:


Again, for practical reasons, I was unable to use the levain as young as I had intended. The dough was mixed at 13:30, so the levain was 14 hours old, and already receding in activity. Still, I detect barely any sourness beyond the pleasant tang you expect from an active culture.

Combined roughly into the autolyse.


I gave the dough turns at 30 minute intervals, and after the first two (1 hour of fermentation), I incorporated the seeds.


Fermenting dough

This dough fermented fantastically. After 6 hours, it was very gassy, and pillowy soft to touch - it held its shape nicely, and did not degass much with handling. Pre-shaped into rounds, did a 30 minute bench rest, then shaped into two boules.


I proofed one boule on the counter for about two hours, then baked. The other I slightly folded and dropped into a long basket, something I've seen Chad Robertson do. It didn't really work well, so next time I'll definitely shape a batard if that is what I'm going for...


Baked at 235C, to reduce darkening of the crust. My kids don't like it when "it tastes burnt". I don't like burnt bread either, but we have different opinions about when bread burns...