Tartine Country Bread with 30% Whole Wheat

August 15 2019, Tags: Sourdough, Bread, Tartine country bread

Increased whole wheat Tartine Country Bread.


Autolysed in 22C ambient temperature overnight.


Starter is active and on a twice-a-day feeding schedule. I built the levain at the same time as the autolyse:


The levain was about 12 hours when I made the dough:

Combined roughly into the autolyse.

Bulk fermentation

I gave the dough four turns at 30 minute intervals. Bulk fermentation went for almost six hours total, including one in a car trunk...


I pre-shaped two loaves, let them rest for 20 minutes, then did the final shaping. I stuck one basket into the fridge, and left the other on the counter. The idea was to see if retarding made any noticable difference to the crust. I've made sourdough breads in the past with a very tough/gummy crust, and wondered if retarding added to this effect. It seems it doesn't, so probably my previous breads have just been badly fermented.


I started reading Open Crumb Mastery the day after pulling this bread from the oven. While I was initially quite happy with the loaf, I quickly understood from the book that it is quite far from the potential. Gotta keep baking.

Finished bread

Loaf #2

The second loaf spent about 12 hours in the fridge and came out very similar to the first one, I'm not sure I could detect any difference, to be honest.

Second bread