Tartine Whole Wheat Bread

August 14 2019, Tags: Sourdough, Bread, Tartine whole wheat

For my second attempt at the Tartine whole wheat bread I decided to make it plain, as the seeded version was very difficult to work.


Autolysed in 22C ambient temperature overnight.


I built the levain at the same time as the autolyse:


The levain was about 12 hours when I made the dough:

Combined roughly into the autolyse.

Bulk fermentation

I gave the dough four turns at 30 minute intervals. Bulk fermentation went for around five hours.

Wanting a do-over of the flax seeded version, I decided to split this dough in half at the second turn. I added roasted sunflower seeds and soaked flax seeds to half the dough, but this time I cut the amount in half. I still ended up with a flabby mess of a dough that eventually ended up in the trash instead of the proofing basket.


I pre-shaped the single bread, and let it rest for 20 minutes. For being a 70% whole wheat bread, it had decent structure, but after 20 minutes it was floating out relatively flat. I gave it another pre-shape and rest, then shaped it into a decent boule, and put it in a proofing basket on the counter. Ambient temperature was 23C.


I somehow forgot to take a picture of this loaf. It came out kinda flat, about the same size as yesterday's seeded version. I actually didn't even cut it open, it just went into the freezer... Not sure I learned much from this process, other than that above 50% whole wheat is really hard, and I'm not even sure I'm all that into it, flavor-wise.