Tartine Sesame Bread

August 12 2019, Tags: Sourdough, Bread, Sesame, Tartine country bread

Another attempt at the Tartine Country Bread, this time with a load of sesame seeds.


Autolysed in 24C ambient temperature for around 2 hours.


The levain was about 12 hours when I made the dough:

Combined roughly into the autolyse.


I incorporated the seeds after the second turn, about an hour into bulk fermentation.

Bulk fermentation

After incorporating the seeds, I gave the dough another 2 turns, and it developed nicely. I then left it for another hour.


I pre-shaped the loaves, then pulled them into a boule about 20 minutes later. Both breads went into the refrigerator for retarding, and was cooked about 10 hours later.


The sesame country bread was quite a success:

Sesame seed crumb

It's not exactly "WOW, open crumb!", but it was decently light in texture, and the sesame seeds really helped break up the density of the crumb. This is likely going to be one of my favorites once I master a better fermentation. Sesame seeds are awesome.