Tartine Country Bread

August 11 2019, Tags: Sourdough, Bread, Tartine country bread

Back from vacation. I brought the sourdough with me, and fed it with a mix of white flour and Danish whole spelt flour pretty much once a day. I did forget it for a couple of days, and it did take a dip into acetone landscape, but it was back to sweet slightly overripe fruit by the time I got back.


Autolysed in 24C ambient temperature for 90 minutes.


The levain was about 9 hours when I made the dough:

Combined roughly into the autolyse, using Ken Forkish' pincer method.

Bulk fermentation

I gave the dough four turns at 30 minute intervals. Bulk fermentation went for about three hours. It's not entirely clear from the Tartine book how long the primary fermentation is supposed to last, and I don't currently have a good way of gauging "30% increase in volume". Turns out, I under fermented my dough.


Finished loaf

The final result is a massively under-fermented, dense bread. It wasn't really good for eating - I have commercial yeast breads that are massively preferable to this. I ended up making croutons of one loaf, and sadly, throwing out the other one. Better luck next time!