Tartine Country Bread

August 01 2019, Tags: Sourdough, Bread, Tartine country bread

Very excited after reading the Tartine book, I finally got to try my hands at the core recipe of the book - the Country Bread.


Autolysed in 24C ambient temperature for 30 minutes.


The levain was about 11 hours when I made the dough:

Combined roughly into the autolyse, using Ken Forkish' pincer method.

Bulk fermentation

I gave the dough four turns at 30 minute intervals. Bulk fermentation went for about three hours. It's not entirely clear from the Tartine book how long the primary fermentation is supposed to last, and I don't currently have a good way of gauging "30% increase in volume". Turns out, I under fermented my dough.


The shaped loaves were proofed overnight in the refrigerator then cooked after about 8 hours. They sadly came out dense and under-developed. Better luck next time.