May 10 2019, Tags: Beer, Wit

This is my second beer highly inspired by information gained at the Glazen Toren brewery. This beer is based on the recipe for Jan de Lichte, but brewed to be a little weaker in strength.


Water adjustments

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After 60 minutes:


18 liters of 80C water was added after the first runnings were pulled. The wort was then brought to a boil, and then I killed the power and went to bed.


The next day, I brought the wort back up and started the boil. 90 minutes, BG 1.045. 80% efficiency in the mash, which is pretty good for my setup.

Pitched WB-06 by sprinkling onto wort at 20C. The house was very warm, and I did this beer without temperature control - the wort was at 21.5C by the time I saw signs of active fermentation, and it climbed to 22.5C the day after.

In the following days the temperature went a little bit too much up and down, and I think the beer suffered for this - it has noticable fusel, which ruins the beer for me.