American Wheat

May 03 2019, Tags: American wheat, Beer

I wanted a relatively plain summer beer to offer just about anyone that made it into my house over the summer.


Water adjustments



Sparged with 18 liters of 80C water with 0.79ml 75% phosphoric acid after 45 minutes. I made a mistake watching the clock, and ended the mash at 45 minutes, thinking I ended it at 90 minutes...


90 minute boil.

IBU: ~25



Owing to my clock misreading during the mash, S-04 gave up at about 1.018, which was too high for my taste. I pitched some US-05 into 500ml of wort, then added the frothing substance after about 4 fours, along with 15 grams of Nelson Sauvin.


After a few days, the beer was at 1.014, so cold crashed it with gelatine and let it sit for a few days.

After bottling the beer was refreshing and nice, but the Nelson hops where much too noticable. The goal with this beer was to have a relatively neutral beer on hand for guests, and the Nelson made it a special interest beer. Luckily, after quite some weeks, it is just as uninteresting as intended, and I can hand it out to anyone.