April 19 2019, Tags: Beer, Bitter

As I was waking up from my brewing sleep, I wanted a nice bitter on hand.


Water adjustments



Did vorlauf and run-off. Then sparged, but forgot the second vorlauf. D'OH! Decided to run all the wort through the grain bed again. Poured everything back, waited 15 minutes, did another vorlauf, and then ran off into the kettle.


Boiled 27 liters at BG 1.040, 76% efficiency. Threw out 2 liters of crud from the mash.



As I tasted this preparing to bottle, I realized that I'd messed up the grain bill. The beer was unfixably too sweet and cloying. I've read about beginning brewers screwing up with too much caramel malts many times, but I've never made this mistake - I've mostly brewed Belgian beers with pilsner malt and wheat malt. This was a refershing learning experience, and I dumped the entire thing in the toilet instead of bottling, saving lots of time, and gaining some experience.