Saison d'Sofiemyr

April 17 2019, Tags: Saison, Beer

I brewed my first beer six years ago. Since then I've brewed over a hundred beers. Some of them have been good, some awful. At some point I started turning out more duds than successes, and I lost the interest. Then I got a dog, and poof! A year went by without a single brew.

Fast forward to April 2019, and I visited the Glazen Toren brewery with two friends. I love their beers, and the visit was so inspiring that I immediately got about brewing when I got home. I used all the information I could gather at the brewery to attempt a beer like their Saison d'Erpe-Mere: The Saison d'Sofiemyr.


Water adjustments



After running off the wort, I added 10 liters of 80C water, left for 10 minutes, then ran off again.


75 minute boil.


After 24 hours, the temperature dropped to 19.3C, and fermentation was active. I ran this fermentation without temperature control in my new Brew Bucket (it's too big for my current fermentation fridge).

April 26th: Fermentation still active, SG 1.004.

Eventually the beer stalled at FG 1.004. That's 7.6% ABV, about a full percent higher than attempted.


I bottled this beer three ways:

  1. With wort, dosing wort into individual bottles with a syringe
  2. With sugar, dosing syrup into individual bottles with a syringe
  3. With thin sugar water, to reach 6.5% ABV, as the original

Out of the three, I actually enjoyed the 6.5% version the most. Will definitely brew again.