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Want to learn TDD?

Christian Johansen

Eager to learn how to test-drive your JavaScript? Come join me at Falsy values in Warsaw in May, where I will give a full day TDD workshop.

On May 18th through the 20th, a unique kind of conference is going down in Warsaw, Poland. Falsy Values is two days of workshops and one day of "regular" talks. I'll be giving my TDD workshop on the 19th, and if you stay to the 20th you can attend talks by awesome speakers such as Douglas Crockford, Juriy "kangax" Zaytsev and others.

My workshop will focus around the topics in my book in a very practical manner. I will be live-coding as we discuss aspects of the TDD workflow, and attendees will be doing practical labs to get hands-on experience. Some topics we will cover include:

The price? A measly € 139.00. Order a seat right now, and I'll see you in Poland!

To those of you in Norway who can't join me in Poland, there is also an upcoming course at Programutvikling AS (Oslo). If Oslo is too far away, get in touch for in-house training at your company.

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