Sinon.JS 1.3.0 out now

On this second day of 2012, I am happy to announce Sinon.JS 1.3.0, the latest and greatest in JavaScript test spies, stubs and mocks.

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An introduction to Emacs Lisp

As a long-time passionate Emacs user, I've been curious about Lisp in general and Emacs Lisp in particular for quite some time. Until recently I had not written any Lisp apart from my .emacs.d setup, despite having read both An introduction to programming in Emacs Lisp and The Little Schemer last summer. A year later, I have finally written some Lisp, and I thought I'd share the code as an introduction to others out there curious about Lisp and extending Emacs.

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Sinon.JS 1.1.0 out now

Boy, time passes by quickly. I started writing Sinon.JS while writing my book on TDD with JavaScript, and in just a month, Sinon.JS has celebrates its first birthday (0.5.0 was released June 9th 2010). Today I am happy to announce Sinon.JS 1.1.0, the first significant update since 1.0.0, released last December. In this post I'll take you through what's new and exciting in 1.1.0.

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Want to learn TDD?

Eager to learn how to test-drive your JavaScript? Come join me at Falsy values in Warsaw in May, where I will give a full day TDD workshop.

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Using Sinon.JS with QUnit

Since my talk at Front-Trends in Poland last week I've gotten a few requests for examples of using Sinon.JS with QUnit. Sinon.JS is completely test framework agnostic and should be very easy to use with any testing framework. This post introduces a mini-plugin, sinon-qunit and shows a few examples of using Sinon.JS with QUnit.

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FrontTrends 2010

Last week I gave a talk at FrontTrends 2010. Here's the code from my talk, and a brief summary of it.

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JavaScript continuous integration with Hudson and JsTestDriver

JsTestDriver's JUnit compatible XML output makes it dead simple to set up JavaScript continuous integration. This post will help you get started with Hudson.

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Patching JsTestDriver

I hacked a little on JsTestDriver today, fixing a few bugs in some assertions, and possibly more interestingly - improved assertion error messages for certain types of objects.

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Live coding help from Git and Emacs

A small git script and two lisp functions can go a long way in helping you "live code" in a prepared and controlled matter at conferences.

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Sinon.JS 0.6.0 - Fake XMLHttpRequest and improved test framework integration

Sinon.JS 0.6.0 is out and it features a new FakeXMLHttpRequest object and a high-level interface for testing xhr-dependent code along with improvements to sinon.sandbox and sinon.test.

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